About me

Here’s the full story.

My name is Cedric and I’m a copywriter by profession. I’ve been doing it for 10+ years. I’m also a fiction writer.

Because of my profession, I’ve developed the skill to write on demand, because to put it simply, I can’t afford to go to a client and say, “I can’t write your sales letter today because I’ve got writer’s block.” So, I figured I have skills that can also be ported to fiction writing, which I also love doing.

The thing is though, not everyone has the same challenges and difficulties. And I CANNOT assume what challenges and difficulties you might have. That said, I’m a problem solver, so I know that if I familiarize myself with other writers’s problems, I can probably find solutions for them and help them out.

To conclude, I am a blogger. I blog about things that can help other writers. While my blog is still in its infancy, I feel I have a lot to contribute to the community.

If you’re wondering whether I’m selling anything, the answer is no, but only because I haven’t yet figured out what would make a product that truly brings value to the community. You see, as opposed to most marketers, I’m not interested in “making money no matter what”.

I subscribe to the idea of:

  1. Finding out what people are hurting for
  2. Creating a product that truly brings value to their lives and genuinely solves their problem
  3. Selling them that product

Yes, there’s lots of free information out there. But don’t you ever get frustrated about sifting through tons and tons of rubbish and useless info, just so you can get a tiny shred of valid advice?

I’m willing to go through all of that and produce something that doesn’t waste your time or energy. And I think a product like that, that actually DELIVERS on its promise, that actually helps you overcome your challenges, is worth paying for.

Make sense? If it doesn’t, I totally understand.

But I do hope you’re on my side in this, because my intentions are genuine.